Frequently Asked Questions

While independent sales is very common in many industries it is relatively new in
the residential solar industry.  Below are some of the more commonly asked
questions and the corresponding answers.  If your question(s) is not answered here
please don't hesitate to contact us.

1. How does it work?
    A. Referral Solar provides all the tools and services necessary for a solar
    sale and installation.  Sales agents provide their own leads and closing
    skills to build their own independent sales business.

       2. What financing tools are available?
    A. Referral Solar provides best in class competitive sales tools to its
    agents that include Leases, Power Purchase Agreements (PPA's) and
    cash financing options that are competitive with 3rd party ownership
    options.  Terms and credit requirements vary by product but are
    guaranteed to be competitive with market-leading products.

       3. What does Referral Solar provide?
    A. Sales tools, marketing support, "down-stream installation functions",
    small business consulting tools and sales best practices forums

    1. Sales tools include: bidding software, finance products, sales
    agreement documents

    2. Marketing support includes: branded identification, templates for
    all communication (business cards, sales flyers, door hangers, etc.)
    artwork for events (tents, banners, etc.)

    3. "Down-stream installation functions" include: audit, design,
    permitting, materials acquisition, installation, inspection, financing
    integration and long-term operation and maintenance.

    4. Small business consulting tools include: business organization filing,
    accounting system recommendations, forecasting tools and general
    small business management

    5. Sales best-practice forums include:  generating leads, qualifying
    techniques, closing techniques, generating referrals, working referral
    events, etc.

       4. How do sales agents get paid?
    A. Sales agents are paid a straight percentage of the total commission
    value for the systems they sell.  These payments are lower for smaller
    systems and higher for larger systems with no cap.  Payments are
    distributed on a "pay on pay" basis net 15 days.

       5. What are the key points of the agreement?
     a. Integrity, honesty and a commitment to excellence
     b. High standards of customer service
     c. Non-Disclosure
     d. One year commitment
     e. Minimum of 12 deals per quarter

6. Does Referral Solar provide leads?
    A. Referral Solar does not commit to providing leads for its sales agents.  
    Larger-than-industry-standard commissions are paid to sales agents
    because savings from the lack of marketing programs are passed on to
    the sales agents.  Sales agents can spend their own money on marketing
    as they see fit, and be able to afford it.  Referral Solar doesn't intend to
    compete with the industry leaders on their terms.  Referral Solar exploits
    the "big company's" weaknesses to build a company that rewards its
    employees.  A big part of Referral Solar's  business model  is that we
    DON"T advertise, we rely on word-of-mouth to build our business.

       7. Who does all the other (audit, design, install, etc.) work?
    A. Referral Solar partners with best-in-class local installers to complete
    the on-site work for homeowners.  These partners are identified up-
    front.  Introductions with the partners are made with sales agents and on-
    going relationships are encouraged.  Materials and financing are provided
    by network partners as well.

       8. Can sales agents hire staff and other agents?
    A. Referral Solar encourages its sales agents to build a business.  This
    includes lead generation activities and administrative support.  At this
    time Referral Solar does not allow the hiring of sub-agents with a region.

    9. How do I get started?
    Respond to the email with a copy of your
    resume and be prepared to provide the name of your company, tax ID number (EIN)
    as well as all relevant contact information.