Energy Independence is a powerful motivator for many of us to
go solar.  Regardless of your views on global warming or the politics that
surround energy policy
, we are all beholden to the utilities.  As it stands
today, most of us have lifetime contracts with the power companies.  Our
houses are wired to accept only one source of electricity and we’re
obligated to pay whatever they see fit to charge us for the power.  
Interestingly enough, most investor owned utilities (IOU’s) are guaranteed
a specific return on their investment
.  So as the cost of generation
increases they are allowed to pass the
se  costs directly on to the
consumer with a guaranteed profit.

There are as many opinions on the future of energy and it related costs as
there are possible solutions.  Solar is one of the most reliable and market-
ready of those options to minimize your dependence on the utilities.  Your
sole reliance with solar is needing the sun to come up every morning.  
Should that not happen it’s unlikely any of us would have anything to
worry about.