Payment Options
1.        Cash
2.        Cash financing
3.        Lease
4.        Power purchase agreement

Cash purchases are becoming more and more popular as the cost of
solar continues to come down.  These are simple “you write a check –
we install solar” transactions.  While the terms of the agreement offer
mutual protections they are a simple as hiring and paying a contractor to
perform any kind of work on your home.  Acquiring solar with a cash
purchase is an excellent option for those who look to be in their home
for at least five years

Cash Financing is similar to a cash purchase with the addition of an
unsecured loan to help manage the cash flows.  The market is currently
bursting with excellent cash financing options for home owners.  These
are credit score based rates and terms
which are usually very
competitive with, and often superior to, any of the lease or power
purchase agreements options on the market.  Competitive cash
financing programs can get your solar payments down to as low as $50/
month and still save you money.  Be sure to ask your Referral Solar
agent for your best cash financing options.

Leasing solar has become very popular in the last few years and is partl
y responsible for the huge surge in solar adoption over the last fe
w years.  When solar costs were significantly higher than they are toda
y this was an excellent method to pay a flat monthly fee for the sola
r system and its related power output.  
With leased systems, the system
is owned by t
he financing company who agrees to maintain the system
for the duration of the agreement which is usually 20 years.
The option
still exists today for customers with excellent credit and the desire to
not own the system on their roof or property.

Power Purchase Agreements are very similar to
leases.  This method of implementing solar is a situation in which
the homeowner agrees to have a solar system installed on their roof or
property and agrees to pay for the electricity the system generates.
 The system is owned by the financing company wh
ich agrees to
maintain the system for the duration of the agreement
.  As with leasing,
the length of these agreements is
which is usually 20 years.